Downsizing From A Home To A Condo

When it comes to downsizing there are many options that come into play.

Whether you are older than 55 and looking to move into a living community, traveling the world or just sending goodbye to your last child off to college, now is the time to explore the cons and pros of downsizing from a large home to a condo or apartment.

If you have never lived in a small setting before, there are actually plenty of advantages for anyone!

From affordability to community, owning a condo is a great choice for those looking to still own property without all the hassle. Below are a few tips to help you make the decision.


One of the biggest reasons people are excited for moving to a smaller place is the security aspect.

Security concerns or the lack thereof can be one of the reasons you are wanting to move to a small condo.

Most associations are allowed to install security cameras in the community wide common areas to help keep residents and their belongings safe and their residents feeling secure.

Many buildings also can have key fobs or door code requirements to access the building to also give you a second security aspect.


For those needing assistance and having a home limits them to that access to getting to the second floor, there are condos that offer accessible routes for wheelchairs or those who have difficulty walking.

These fair housing laws require condos and individuals, making them great options for downsized housing, especially for retirees.


There are big price distinctions between purchasing a townhouse, a condo or a home.

Condos can be more affordable than a townhouse or a home because they don’t usually include land with it.

Condo owners might pay fees to a HOA or Homeowners Association, property prices for other dwellings can be higher.

Additionally, having a larger home or a townhouse can cost more to cool and heat, making the utility bills higher as well.

Sense Of Community

Most buildings or associations have small communities with their activities that owners are encouraged to be a part of.

Those who don’t have kids anymore and are feeling lonely as being empty nesters, they might find that downsizing from a house to a condo can be great for personal connections.

Not to mention, having access to condo association events allow residents to meet new people that they might not already would otherwise.

Less Maintenance

One of the most appealing ideas for downsizing is the maintenance aspect for many homeowners.

Housework, repairs and yard work might be worth not having to deal with at this point of your life.

Condo associations are responsible for mowing the grass, shovelling snow and any other home repairs that might be needed.

If you’re wondering, monthly condo fees often cover these services so you don’t have to pinch pennies to pay for repairs.

What Next?

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