Budget Kitchen Makeover – We Spent Just £52!

A few weeks ago I finally tackled a project that had been on my To Do list since we bought our house over two years ago – revamping our kitchen.
The previous owners had only installed it two years prior to that, so it wasn’t very old and there was nothing ‘wrong’ with it to justify the expense of ripping it out and installing a new one but it just wasn’t to my taste.

They had opted for beautiful black subway tiles, which I do love, but they had chosen beech cupboards with silver handles – which I do not! Our kitchen is rectangular and gets no direct, natural light and with the units down each side, it just felt very dark and enclosed. I had decided pretty much from the start that I was going to paint the cupboards, but it was just one of those things I never got around to.

However, in May I decided to just go for it – I had already bought the paint and tools over a year prior (yes, really! That is how long I’d been putting it off for) so I had no excuse.

budget kitchen makeover - before budget kitchen makeover - after

I am actually pleasantly surprised how well it turned out – I’m a bit of a lazy DIYer and tend to cut corners with projects but you definitely wouldn’t know. Here is how we did it!

The Materials

Wilko White Cupboard Paint 750ml x 2 £28
Wilko White Multi Surface Furniture and Cupboard Primer 750ml – £10
Mini Roller set x 2 – £5
Pack of paintbrushes – £3
Gloss Black Spray Paint – £6

Total Spend – £52

The Process

We removed all the handles and masking taped around the edge of the doors and the floors etc. (not well enough might I add – took a lot of cleaning up mistakes! Use a dustsheet and protect your surfaces!). We decided not to remove the doors as I did not intend to paint the insides (told you I was lazy) but I gave them all a good scrub with soapy water and a scourer to remove any grease build up.

Once dry, I applied one coat of primer with a small foam roller. 2 hours later I applied the first coat of paint – again with a foam roller and then cutting in the edges and fiddly bits with a small brush.

I allowed this coat to dry overnight (we ran out of time) and then applied the second and final coat the next morning. Meanwhile, we spray painted the handles in gloss black – again, these took two coats.

Overall, I would say it took around 6-8 hours to do. That’s 2 coats on 14 doors, 3 drawers and 6 side panels plus edges and bases (but not inside the cupboards or the back of the doors).

The Finish

The paint actually dried really smooth and you can see brush or roller marks at all. It’s obviously not perfect as the insides are still beech but I have to say I’m really pleased with the result.

It wipes clean really well – we’ve had tea bags drip down the cupboard front, grease splash from the stove and the sides covered in mud when the dog’s come back from a walk and it’s all wiped away with ease.

The baseboards have also withstood me whacking the hoover into them without chipping the paint so I’m really happy with the durability of it so far too.

Finishing Touches

I was contemplating recovering the worktops with Fablon, but think it actually will be more hassle than it’s worth as the current worktop now doesn’t look so bad against the white doors.

I made a print for the wall, which I designed on the laptop, printed onto photo paper and hung in an Ikea frame I already had. I’m going to bring some greenery into the room so may buy some artificial plants yet (I can’t be trusted with real ones) and maybe one day soon I’ll treat myself to a sleek new microwave and kettle as our current ones are looking a bit worn out (I hate spending money needlessly though – and they work fine, so we’ll see!)

Any Questions?

I think I have covered most things, but if you have any other questions please do get in touch. I hope that this has given you a little inspiration to try your own budget makeover – if I can do it, anyone can!

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